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Handmade Abstract Painting 24" x 20"

wholesale Handmade Abstract Painting  24" x 20"

Handmade Abstract Painting 24" x 20"

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Handmade Abstract Painting 24" x 20" is a real oil Handmade Abstract Paintingpainting, NOT a print or transfer. It is hand painted by Chinese artists on real canvas and without digital enhancement. Please be patient throughout the custom painting process and allow 10 - 12 business days for the artist to finish.

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    Iterm: Handmade Abstract Painting 24" x 20"

    Title Golden Storm
    Style   Contemporary
    Materials Canvas
    Suitable Place Great for living room, children room, study, coffee bar ,club, hotel
    Sizes Available M
    Actural Dimensions

    24in. H x 20in. W  

    Shipping Weight 1.5 kg




    Background:Handmade oil painting has existed for hundreds of years. During this period, numerous great masters sprung up, especially some Chinese artists, Zhao Wu Ji, Wu Guan Zhong, Zhang Xiao Gang and Yue Min Jun as representatives.

    About Da Fen Oil Painting Village, famous oil painting base in the world: In the late 1980s, most Chinese graduators from art colleges came to a village called Da Fen in Shenzhen city, which later became a worldwide oil painting producing base.


    A: All our paintings are from Da Fen Oil Painting Village, the worldwide oil painting base. So far, 50% of oil paintings in the world are from Da Fen Village and won the deep favor of worldwide painting dealers. Both masters painting replicas and original paintings can be found here.

    B: Each painting is meticulously carved by young artists and experienced painters. Some talented Chinese artists among them, such as Zhao Wu Ji, Wu Guan Zhong have become outstanding representatives in Chinese oil painting field. And their works has earned worldwide popularity.

    C: The paintings from Da Fen Village have further value-increase room. For example, the price of Wu Guan Zong’s works hit an increase of 36 times within just 8 years from 2000 to 2008. It’s no doubt that some earlier buyers earn quite a lot.

    Why Choose Paintings From Mostbuying

    Nowadays, the paintings exported to the overseas can be divided into 3 classes: high, medium and low quality, which can be measured by canvas, color, picture composition, coloring and fitness. And we supply the paintings of the highest quality.


    A: We use Winsor & Newton Oil Color, flavorless polish oil, which can make the colors much more vivid and stay much longer.

    B: We use high quality canvas, which is exquisite and easy to make texture.

    C: For our painting, it commonly takes 4 to 6 days. Because each painting is colored for several times, for some colors cannot be drawn on before the former dry. All our painters exert great efforts in their works. We promise our colorful paintings will bring you an unbelievable enjoyment. But for low quality paintings only major colors are drawn on, with many details neglected, which devaluates its value severely.

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